Artificial Intelligence and Me

Every Tuesday I have my Artificial Intelligence Lectures and Tutorials which goes towards my Games Technology degree at UWE (University of the West of England). I take 3 other modules, however this one is, at least to me, quite different to the others.

Firstly, its certainly my least favourite, I like to be involved with things and actually have it fully relate-able back to my course, however due to the fact that my class features students from; Robotics, Computing and Games Technology , it certainly is a mix of different interests which I obviously can understand. My other Modules involve a lot of computer work, particularly my Entertainment Software Development classes (which is coding in C++) and my Principles in 3D environments classes (which is modelling using Autodesk Maya) while A.I. is more or less sitting there for hours at a time while the teacher goes through the content.

The past few weeks I haven’t really listened as such, and kinda zoned in and out. However this week I tried to stay focus. We talked about different AI problems and how they are put into categories as such. The main 3 are Optimisation Problems, Modelling Problems and Simulation/Prediction Problems, I was however still unable to really concentrate and my mind wondered off to other things, I feel bad about it of course, because almost everyone on my course does the same thing. Looking around you can see people dozing off, playing on their phones or laptops and not really paying any attention what so ever.

I still have a Tutorial and Lecture still to come today, and with today being so spread out (between 11am and 6pm) it sure doesn’t help with trying to keep track what we’re actually doing. Hopefully soon something will at least spark peoples interest… otherwise the exam at the end of the year is not going to go very well.


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