It sure rains a lot here…

Today’s been my day off. So instead of doing anything remotely productive, all ive done is sit in front of my computer for several hours only leaving to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and to do some dishes. As you may not know I seem to be a rather avid web surfer and can keep myself busy days at a time just by going to look at random stuff I find on the internet. However the most prominent thing that happened today was God. Damn. Rain.

While Britain is certainly famous for having rain at an almost constant rate, nowhere is this more true than the South West. I moved just over a month ago to Bristol from London for University, and because i’m weird I always notice subtle changes which no-one else does, and in this particular case i’ve noticed the difference in how much it rains…

Its rained more or less every day and the wind storms have all been pretty sudden when they come on land. With London at least you had quite a few days where it was dry and wind storms felt more slower to come in. These winds certainly don’t help when you’re on the 3rd floor of a block of flats (4th floor to Americans) as opening your window means the wind howls through your door loudly into the flat in which I share with 5 other people, i’ve resulted into putting my dressing gown in front of the door every time I open the damn window!

Speaking of rain and wind. I can hear it right now.. even with my big headphones on listening to relatively loud music. Even looking outside shows a stream of water making its way down a path. Ahh well, the weather’s meant to get better next week… 21c/70f I hear. Pretty warm for October!


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