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Home Time!

I’ve been at University for just over 5 weeks now. Going from complete and utter dependency on my parents (where I literally did more or less nothing) to being effectively all by myself.

Now usually you would think that because of that I would of been a complete an utter wreck, however I think i’ve managed pretty well! I think I accidently burnt a bit of food.. twice. Although they were only chips, so no biggy.

However I finally get to see my parents after just over a month, and after what has happened in the past week, I think it was well timed (I had already brought my ticket about 3 weeks back). My train gets here at 18:31, so Im all ready and packed ready to head out the door and walk to the station at about 17:45.

Ill be back in Bristol by late Sunday!


It sure rains a lot here…

Today’s been my day off. So instead of doing anything remotely productive, all ive done is sit in front of my computer for several hours only leaving to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and to do some dishes. As you may not know I seem to be a rather avid web surfer and can keep myself busy days at a time just by going to look at random stuff I find on the internet. However the most prominent thing that happened today was God. Damn. Rain.

While Britain is certainly famous for having rain at an almost constant rate, nowhere is this more true than the South West. I moved just over a month ago to Bristol from London for University, and because i’m weird I always notice subtle changes which no-one else does, and in this particular case i’ve noticed the difference in how much it rains…

Its rained more or less every day and the wind storms have all been pretty sudden when they come on land. With London at least you had quite a few days where it was dry and wind storms felt more slower to come in. These winds certainly don’t help when you’re on the 3rd floor of a block of flats (4th floor to Americans) as opening your window means the wind howls through your door loudly into the flat in which I share with 5 other people, i’ve resulted into putting my dressing gown in front of the door every time I open the damn window!

Speaking of rain and wind. I can hear it right now.. even with my big headphones on listening to relatively loud music. Even looking outside shows a stream of water making its way down a path. Ahh well, the weather’s meant to get better next week… 21c/70f I hear. Pretty warm for October!

Artificial Intelligence and Me

Every Tuesday I have my Artificial Intelligence Lectures and Tutorials which goes towards my Games Technology degree at UWE (University of the West of England). I take 3 other modules, however this one is, at least to me, quite different to the others.

Firstly, its certainly my least favourite, I like to be involved with things and actually have it fully relate-able back to my course, however due to the fact that my class features students from; Robotics, Computing and Games Technology , it certainly is a mix of different interests which I obviously can understand. My other Modules involve a lot of computer work, particularly my Entertainment Software Development classes (which is coding in C++) and my Principles in 3D environments classes (which is modelling using Autodesk Maya) while A.I. is more or less sitting there for hours at a time while the teacher goes through the content.

The past few weeks I haven’t really listened as such, and kinda zoned in and out. However this week I tried to stay focus. We talked about different AI problems and how they are put into categories as such. The main 3 are Optimisation Problems, Modelling Problems and Simulation/Prediction Problems, I was however still unable to really concentrate and my mind wondered off to other things, I feel bad about it of course, because almost everyone on my course does the same thing. Looking around you can see people dozing off, playing on their phones or laptops and not really paying any attention what so ever.

I still have a Tutorial and Lecture still to come today, and with today being so spread out (between 11am and 6pm) it sure doesn’t help with trying to keep track what we’re actually doing. Hopefully soon something will at least spark peoples interest… otherwise the exam at the end of the year is not going to go very well.

Family Changes 2012

2012 has been an interesting year for my family, at the beginning of the year we had good news as the news of the pregnancy of both my Cousin and Sister were announced.. however the good news falls pretty short of the bad news.

First off was the death of my Granddad. He had been ill on and off ever since my Nan died, which was about 3 years ago now. He was mostly fine, but had to go into hospital a few times. Then, while almost expecting it, he deteriorated quickly one evening and unfortunately passed away, my mum (as expected) was devastated. There is a particular reason why she was more devastated than some but I wont go into that now.

During the planning of my Granddads funeral, a rather large rift formed in the family, splitting off mainly one of my Aunties while my immediate family hovered in between. This was obviously stressful for everyone, but I however didn’t witness much of the arguments as they were mostly behind closed doors and hidden to hid such rift away from my other Cousins.

Once the Funeral had taken place, the rift was mostly patched up, with a bit of “awkwardness” about it. A few months down the line, an unexpected turn for the worst suddenly came up again. My Auntie had suffered from a Brain Hemorrhage and was forced into a coma, this actually only happened a few days ago, however she recovered slightly, came out of her coma and started responding to question, but however experienced yet another Brain Hemorrhage, and unfortunately passed away. The funeral has yet to be planned, but I have been left mostly in the dark after moving to University just a month ago, all I can do is speak to my mum over the phone or look at any Facebook posts left by my cousins.

Hopefully the rest of the year doesn’t bring any more surprises, I think this family has suffered enough already.