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Family Changes 2012

2012 has been an interesting year for my family, at the beginning of the year we had good news as the news of the pregnancy of both my Cousin and Sister were announced.. however the good news falls pretty short of the bad news.

First off was the death of my Granddad. He had been ill on and off ever since my Nan died, which was about 3 years ago now. He was mostly fine, but had to go into hospital a few times. Then, while almost expecting it, he deteriorated quickly one evening and unfortunately passed away, my mum (as expected) was devastated. There is a particular reason why she was more devastated than some but I wont go into that now.

During the planning of my Granddads funeral, a rather large rift formed in the family, splitting off mainly one of my Aunties while my immediate family hovered in between. This was obviously stressful for everyone, but I however didn’t witness much of the arguments as they were mostly behind closed doors and hidden to hid such rift away from my other Cousins.

Once the Funeral had taken place, the rift was mostly patched up, with a bit of “awkwardness” about it. A few months down the line, an unexpected turn for the worst suddenly came up again. My Auntie had suffered from a Brain Hemorrhage and was forced into a coma, this actually only happened a few days ago, however she recovered slightly, came out of her coma and started responding to question, but however experienced yet another Brain Hemorrhage, and unfortunately passed away. The funeral has yet to be planned, but I have been left mostly in the dark after moving to University just a month ago, all I can do is speak to my mum over the phone or look at any Facebook posts left by my cousins.

Hopefully the rest of the year doesn’t bring any more surprises, I think this family has suffered enough already.


The First Post

Well.. hello, to anyone out there in the blog-o-sphere. I guess I decided I should make a blog! I will likely be added random posts every now and then about my every day life.. sooo… yeah!